Basic information

The main aim of the project “T-EST – Transfer of Employment Support Tools for People with Disabilities” is to transfer the approaches and tools from the developed and tested Toolkit for Supported Employment to countries and regions that currently have no such system in place.
This countries are Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

 T-EST is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project and started on Nov. 1st, 2012 and ends on Oct. 31st, 2014.

The outputs of the Project include:

  • Toolkits for supported employment adapted to the respective requirements of Bulgaria, Romania/Hungary and Turkey.
  • A training programme for transfer coaches in the 3 countries to support the transfer and implementation process.
  • Three pilot implementations of supported employment in the 3 countries.


The impact invisaged is a clear quality improvement with regard to the accessibility to the labour market for people with disabilities via vocational education and training and supported employment in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.


A two-day training workshop for implementation and transfer coaches was developed and implemented. Five coaches from Romania took part in the first Workshop in September 2013 in Graz, Austria.


IMG_5938 IMG_5954


A second workshop has been held in December 2013 with ten participants from the other transfer countries (Bulgaria and Turkey).

IMG_6267 IMG_6265