Final Support Visit September 2014

Hi all,

In September 2014 the wait was finally over, my colleguage Christine and I travelled to Izmir to visit our colleguages from ISKUR again.

With a lot of questions in our “baggage”…. such as, how the cooperation with the participants was going on. They were highly successful in the last 3 months.

19 People with disability were supported by 6 coaches. The coaches documented 16 collective job interviews.  4 Jobs – 1 prospect of a job – 1 reskilling/retraining!!! What a great success.

There have also been barriers and some clients rejected their job interviews on personal reason, such as, low willingness to work,  low mobility-willingness or  inflexible with regard to time (e.g. working on Weekends, shift work). But there are also institutional and social barriers in Turkey. It is difficult to find a Job under 18 years, when the person has no qualification. Another Problem in Special sectors could be if the person is aged 40+.

The involvment of potential employers seems to work. In October 2014 a big exploitation seminar will be organized by KONAK with the participation of approx. 500 participants. People with disability, employment agencies, associations,  organizations operating in the field of disabilities and private companies operating will be invited.

We wish them a lot of success!