Supporting documents

This area contains documents relating the various issues during the workshops in Graz, such as for example the handouts from the Interactive Workshop für “Person-centred appraches”. In addition to these documents further supporting papers,

including  Application for people with disabilities, Progress reporting template and Employer data template

are provided in this section.


Further documents, samples and support tools could be provided during the next months.

Please note that it is not allowed to upload materials directly for security reasons. Should you wish to share materials across this network, please send an e-mail to the coordinator: – we will upload the documents immediately.

Start-up information

  • The reason for the T-EST Project
  • Aims and objectives
  • Definition of supported employment
  • Implementation by Jugend am Werk

Download: Start up Information

Handouts Interactive Workshop “Person-centred approaches”

  • How to work with people with disabilities
  • Future planning sessions
  • PATH-maps
  • Role Plays

N30-06 handouts Interactive workshop           N30-07 handouts II Intractive workshop
N30-08 handouts III interactive workshop      N30-09 handouts IV interactive workshop


Supported Employment in Bulgaria, Romania (translation is available also in Hungarian) and Turkey


Downloads BG, RO, TR – Versions in English:N 27_Manual_finaldraft_version_BG_EN
N 28_Manual_finaldraft_version_RO_EN
N 29_Manual_finaldraft_version_TR_EN

Download BG-Version:     Подкрепена заетост в България (BG)
Download RO-Version:    Manualului Angajarea asistată în România (RO)
Download RO-Version into HU:    Kézikönyv Támogatott Foglalkoztatás Romániában (RO=HU)
Download TR-Version:    ELKİTABI TASLAĞI Türkiye’de Destekli İstihdam (TR)

Supporting templates for Transfer and Test Implementation of Supported Employment
in the countries BG, RO and TR

  • Progress reporting template
  • Employer data template
  • Application PWD

Downloads EN-Version:
Progress reporting template        Employer data template       Application PWD
Downloads BG-Version:
Доклад за напредъка (формуляр)       Данни за работодателя (формуляр)       Формуляр за кандидатстване – ХУ
Downloads HU-Version:
Tevékenységi beszámoló     Alkalmazók adatai – űrlap     Jelentkezési lap (fogyatékkal élő személyek)
Downloads TR-Version:
İlerleme Raporu Formu     Başvuru – EB    İşveren Bilgi Formu


Implementation Coaches Workshop, Turkey – 5-6 June 2014

Downloads presentation materials:

Brief-information T-EST project and start-up: N30-3rd Workshop_Start up

Arbeitsassistenz/Jobcoaching in Austria and SE in practice:  N30-Arbeitsassistenz Jobcoaching in Austria

Interactiv workshop – person-centred approaches: N30-Interactiv WS_Person-centred approache:s

Handouts: N30-07 handouts II Intractive workshop       N30-08 handouts III interactive workshop          N30-09 handouts IV interactive workshop

N30 – AASS_Company contact    N30 – Path_planning_session    N 30- End information_06.06.2014

N 30- Funding system AT   N30-Possible ways for qualification and further integration for PwD    One page Profile   Doughnut_method_template